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Planner Boards For Salmon Fishing

Here’s How To Set Up For Boards

    I run a 1/4 to 1 ounce bead chain trolling sinker at the end of the 20lb main line to avoid line twists and get the depth I want.  From the sinker to the lure I use 7ft of a 15lb fluorocarbon and a small round cross lock snap.  When the fish hits, the board slides down to the trolling sinker.  With the sinker in line, it will not knock the fish off as it would if the board ran down to the lure.  When setting this presentation, I set my boat speed at 1 to 2 mph and let out my lure about 30 to 100 feet and attach the board.  This distance will change with the amount of light, type of lure and depth you want to fish.  When action is slow, adjust this distance and see what happens.  Once the board is attached, carefully lower the board into the water and let out enough line to allow room for more boards, between that board and the boat.  Boards should be spaced about 30 feet apart. Important, put the boards with the least amount of trolling sinker weight on the outside board.  When a fish hits, the board releases and it will drop back behind the boat.  Land your fish and reset this board by letting out enough line to allow the board to fly back into the same spot it came from.  Avoid changing out to many lures if you are getting action because at times one lure feeds off another.  By this I mean, a spoon may be attracting the fish but they will hit the crankbait next to it.

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