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Milwaukee Fishing Report 10/11/10

Milwaukee Fishing Lake Michigan Salmon Report 10/11/10
By Capt. Jim Hirt
Fish are moving deeper. Sunday afternoon we had a great trip with action on Chinook, Coho, Rainbow and Lake Trout. There are some big Rainbows out there and lead core with spoons is the way to catch them. A temperature break was in 150 to 175 feet of water. The best action for Chinooks and Lake Trout was 130 to 160 down. Magnum spoons are the best option for all size fish. To see my how to video fish report go to

Patterns and programs 150 to 175 feet
The temperature break to 52 degrees is at least 70 feet down. The deepest we have caught fish is 160 feet down with the majority of our fish coming 95 to 160 feet down. The way to get that deep with downriggers is to add 15% to the length of the cable you let out. That is to fish 100 down run 115 feet of cable, 150 feet down run 173 feet of cable and so on. The variables are type of lure, boat speed and current. At times we have had fish with 190 feet of cable out. Ten feet or less off the bottom has been best. Head out 80 degrees from the north gap and set up in 140 feet of water. Check the down temperature and key on 50 degrees. Use Fish Fry Magnum Glow Spoons at first light working lines from 100 and down.

You will find action on big Rainbows with 2, 4, 6 and 8 color Cortland lead core with Badger Tackle Vulcan and Reaper Magnum spoons. Downriggers 95 to 160 down are taking two and three year old Chinooks and Lake Trout. I use Church Walleye Planner Boards for all my lead cores.

Some of our best producing spoons have been Vulcan Magnum Silver, Reaper Magnum Peacock Silver, and Magnum Fish n Chip. For small spoons the Vulcan Dolphin Green Silver and combinations of silver spoons with green or blue accent colors. Run the boat speed at 1.6 to 2.1 MPH.
Vulcans, Nestor Wobblers and Reapers are sold only on the web at They are having a buy four spoons and get one free at this time. Have a great fishing season. Let’s go fishing!! Jim charters out of Milwaukee, WI. with Blue Max Charters. He can be reached at 414-828-1094 or visit his web site at Copyright© 2010, James J. Hirt, All Rights Reserved.

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